About us

Established since 1988 and based in Ross Way, Folkestone, Kent; Juicy Fresh is a family run business with over 25 years experience.  A new management structure was introduced in 2012 and a new identity in 2013.


We try to stock as much locally grown produce as possible and should you be unable to find an item you particularly love, please always ask as we can usually source a surprisingly diverse array of produce.


Adapting to the seasons we can advise you on what is best and most economical to design your menus.   Local delicious Strawberries in Summer or Local scrumptious Sprouts for Christmas your kitchen will always be full of the aromas of Locally grown fruit and vegetables.


As members of the community, we try very hard to provide outstanding service.   We're always keen to tell you about our produce, or just have a chat.   We really believe we offer an appealing atmosphere in our Shop and provide the service you've been missing.





The Team

Juicy Fresh Managing Director Carole Jefford has been with the business for a number of years always making sure everything is running to the very high standard of food hygiene and efficiency. She has an Autistic son who loves to help whenever possible and believes fresh fruit and vegetables play a big part in maintaining a healthy body and mind.


Jill King is the Operations Manager and has extensive experience in the catering industry and management. She manages the day to day running of Juicy Fresh and keeps a tight ship! Jill is usually in the office dealing with customers and taking orders but she also rolls her sleeves up and gets picking and packing too!


The rest of the team is made up of Jamie, Eddie, James, Jodi, James, Paul and Georgina who is Jill's daughter! They all have their specialities whether it’s picking, delivering or prepping, but all work to the high standard that is expected of them.



Community & Environment

It is important to us to know exactly where our produce comes from reducing travel to ensure best flavour and reduce our carbon footprint.


We care very much about our community and environment and our policies include a zero tolerance for waste and all our produce not achieving our rigorous quality checks helps to keep our local pigs and chickens healthy.  The waste from our food preparation department also goes to help feed the pigs - you won't find any waste produce in our bins! 


Any produce that we can no longer use, sell or due to be waste but is still good enough to eat is donated to Action for Homeless. They prepare free meals for homeless in Folkestone as well as providing other support.


Our cardboard when not re-used for packing orders is collected for recycling together with all our waste paper and our shredded paper is used to make 'fire brickets' to help beat the winter fuel bills.

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